Oct 12, 2010

Back To Uni Outfit And....

♥ Hello my dearest kitten readers! i'm in such a good mood today. you want to know why? well my BF just booked his flight here for christmas so i'm gonna see him for 10 days! oh i'm so excited and happy to spend christmas and new year with him again- i've been smiling and dancing since he told me haha. thankfully i'm good at multi tasking so while dancing around i also got my uni outfit for tomorrow sorted and packed my bag. but oh i'm so excited i can't stop smiling tonight :)

glasses: YSL, silk ribbon, cardigan & leggins: no name, skirt:h&m, polka dot shirt: EDC, boots: rocket dog

today it was freezing cold! so cold that my father agreed to turn the heating on (which he only does when it's REALLY cold) and if it's gonna be this cold tomorrow i'm going to wear my Rocket Dog "Gear" clog boots. they look much better when worn and make such a small foot. and are so cute inside. however, if it's gonna be warmer than today then i might just end up with my River Island brogues. 

i'm going to wear this necklace that i made myself. well. i bought the fish in the museum gift shop (the one where my mother works- see here) and a leather band and that was it!

also painted my nails with Models Own "purple mystique" and an Essence glitter top coat. (ring by h&m - old)

i packed my good old reliable George, Gina & Lucy bag (haha so preppy) and here is what i'm taking with me. it's not much at all - i know! but i have a very short day tomorrow with cell biology and pathophysiology. anyway- i feel so organised now and look forward to christmas hehe. how was your day? did you start school/uni recently too? how was it? tell me all about it ♥


  1. WOW, those shoes are cool.

    Your happiness really shows through in this post, haha - am very pleased for you! :) x

  2. Love the boots, love the glasses, the nail polish, and the fact that you are happy.....yeah I know I said I was going to sleeeep. Hhaha. xx

  3. that skirt is very cute, i tried it on but i have too many black & white patterned skirts already haha.

  4. loving your outfit .. those shoes are to die for!

    Fab post!

  5. Hi. I work for Rocket Dog and love the post. Have put a link on our Facebook page. Thanks!