Oct 12, 2010

Eyeko Magic Mascara

i won the Eyeko Magic Mascara a while ago (i wrote about it here) and since then i have been using it many times. i promised a review on the Eyeko items so here it is :)

my lashes before applying the Eyeko Magic Mascara:

and afterwards:

do you spot a difference? the brush is pretty nice and makes the lashes much longer and true black! on that picture i also used Eyeko Cream with extra glow which has a very nice smooth texture. it also leaves some cute shimmer on the skin which made my skin look a little more "woken up" (i got up very early this morning).

i also like the tinted one because it's leaving a nice bronze shimmer on your skin but only use it if you have a darker skin or got back from holiday with a tan. on fair skin it looks fake and that's not cool!

oh and by the way! if you intend to buy those nice products (or some nail polishes, fat balms or lip glosses) please don't forget to use my ambassador code E10765 to get a nice free gift from Eyeko.

1 comment:

  1. hallo wie süß sind den die hintergründe bitte?!?
    i died and now im in kawaii heaven.
    deine blauen augen sind wunderschön. so das musste mal gesagt werden.
    thiii ich freu mich so auf freitag <333