Sep 15, 2010

Winning Days

OMG! you guys! i won something! for the first time in my life i won something!
what exactly you might wonder?
well i won last weeks Eyeko sticker competition! to be honest i didn't expect that much... but look at this! 
i got 3 nail polishes: Rain, Chi Chi and Punk (love them)
the lovely Eyeko Cream (it really makes your skin glow)
the Magic Mascara (sooo cute)
and the well known Graffitti Eyeliner Pen in navy

i'm sooo happy about what i got ♥
thank you so much Eyeko!
i will do a review on the items very soon so make sure to stay tuned.

by the way if you want to buy something from the Eyeko shop make sure to use my ambassador code E10765 to get a nice free gift 

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