Sep 6, 2010

Last Day Of Summer

today is supposed to be one of the last days of sunshine in Germany which means i should be out and enjoy the last warm sun rays in 2010 (which i will very soon). summer always seems so short doesn't it? well at least here it does! if you are lucky enough to live in a warm country then of course you don't know what the hell i am talking about. for all the other ones though let me assure you i feel with you *cry* but yeah to be honest i am not that much of a summer person. of course i love the sunshine and ice cream etc. but i actually don't like the heat too much. i much more prefer autumn to be honest. also for those colourful leaves! there is nothing prettier than a sunny autumn day (also nothing more rare - i guess). so anyway

i was thinking a little about my "dream autumn jacket" and found some wonderful pieces that are truly essential this season. and since i am going to visit my boyfriend in the UK very soon i might get some of these cuties

fur collar aviator jacket- Miss Selfridge 60₤

red checked cape- Miss Selfridge 68₤

fleece collar biker jacket- Topshop 58₤

 animal pom pom duffle coat- Topshop 85₤ 

double breast pea coat- Topshop 89₤

faux fur hooded parker- River Island 79,99₤

oh I can't wait to see them in person hopefully they don't look as good because my bank account wont be too happy of me spending all money just on when there is so much more to buy (if you know what i mean) lol

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