Sep 21, 2010

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

i thought i would also share some pictures of the process making the cake... i really had some problems converting all the US measurements into german ones and i think i did something wrong there since i had way too much of everything lol but who cares when the cakes is so delicious right? i got the recipe here 
my inspiration for this cake i got from the afeitar blog (which is lovely btw!) unfortunately my cake didn't turn out nearly as gorgeous :-( but i blame it on my terrible converting lol

the dough turned out really liquid (i was shocked!)

but it was okay when i baked it. here it looks a bit wrecked lol

the peanut butter cream cheese frosting was so delicious

but also very sticky and it wasn't easy to work with

the chocolate glaze was nice though ^^

and in the end the cake turned out not so pretty but very tasty and that's all that counts... isn't it?

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  1. aww i like it! chocolate is chocolate, and i'm with you. plus baking is just fun in of itself :) xx