Sep 23, 2010

A Day At The Museum

Yesterday i decided to visit my mother at work (she works at the nicest museum in town) and i took my good old EOS 400D with me (i know. it's so old! but at least it's taking some "good" photos)
have a look at some of the very nice pieces the museum has to offer

a lot of old photographs

i love all the frames

old writing looks so much cooler than todays'


very old piano 

a very scary china pot (probably for wild pig meat lol)

how lovely and feminine 

the shoes!!!

wedding gifts- crochet gloves, a rosary and a bible


this is my favorite painting (i'm a terrible photographer though) the photo doesn't do it any justice :-( it's by Caspar David Friedrich and i love it's melancholy- i could look all day at it

and that's me looking stupid

the museum is full with beautiful old clothing, jewelry, beautiful china and old furniture. if you ever come to Dortmund in Germany you should check it out. it's called museum for art and cultural history (or in german: Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte)

i actually took a billion more pictures but i thought nobody even wants to look at these ones haha

do you have a favorite museum you often go to? and if so what is your favorite item there? tell me in the comments ♥


  1. 1. du hast die gleiche kamera wie ich <3
    2. cheetah is love

    du bist toll.

  2. awwwwwww danke Karin ^^