Sep 23, 2010

Scotland 2010

Here is a photo i took last year in Edinburgh- it's the view from the castle 

In less than a week i will be off to Scotland to see my lovely BF in Glasgow and we will also spend two nights in Edinburgh. last year when we went there we didn't get the chance to see anything besides the overpriced castle because we had to get back in time for the stupid car park, so i'm really glad that this time we will have enough time to see the nice city (any recommendations what we should definitely go and see?). also i can't wait to go and shop at all the high street shops, drugstores and even grocery stores! love everything they sell there.
also i'm eyeing quite a few faux fur coats and shoes and dresses. every time i go to the UK i feel like i'm living in a third world country (no offense here) because we don't have nearly as nice products over here (at least when it comes to clothes, food and toiletries) but i'm always surprised at UK bathrooms because ... well the standards over there seem a little lower in my eyes (again- no offense here lol)

i bet you all die to find out what is on my wish list right? well here it is:

1. Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo
we don't get it over here and i just love that stuff! especially when i have uni

2. Barry M Nail polishes 

3. my MOST WANTED Leopard Love Coat- French Connection 

4. Faux Fur Fox Collar - River Island

5. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Bow Ankle Boots- ASOS
if only those were a little cheaper :-(

i have much more on my wish list actually but blogger is a little bitchy right now so i will finish the list another time. good night

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