Oct 12, 2010

October Top Five

I know a lot of blogs have this sort of posts. and i wonder whose idea it was to do those first? i really don't want to be a copyKat-Face (lame joke i know) but i hope you don't mind too much if i post now my 5 favorite products i bought this month:

1. Tangle Teezer- seriously this product is the best 10£ spent on my hair. EVER! my hair tends to tangle A LOT because it's very thin, soft and long and this product really saved me from having it all chopped off! 

2. Vitamin Water lipbalm in "power-c" - super tasty and makes very yummi soft lips (i wish i had a bottle of Vitamin Water right now)

3. Garnier Pure Pads -because when i was on holiday, i ate a lot of fatty, sweet stuff and didn't drink enough water but a lot of soda, my face was mad with me. and when it gets mad it tends to create spots YUCK! those pads are agressive and i would not recommend them to anyone with sensitve skin. however if you have leather skin like me then it will only kill those spots. hell yeah!

4. Rimmel fruity scent nail polish in "strawberry frizz"- lovely colour, nice berryish scent. if only i had bought all the other fruity ones too...

5. Aussie "Take The Heat" leave-in spray- it smells gorgeous and my hair is not so fizzy after blow drying it. leave-in sprays are pretty awesome! oh and did i mention how good it smells?

what are your favorite products you bought this month? anything you would recommend or NOT recommend? i'm all ears :)

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