Oct 11, 2010

A Little Bit Of Monday Fun

As today was no uni for me (woot woot!) i decided to get some stationary and returned home with lots of stuff from the drugstore... well... and one notebook!

there was a huge sale on essence things and also on that Schwarzkopf got2b stuff- i couldn't resist! i got two new nail polish pens (i love them!!!) in pink and dark red, a strawberry lipgloss, a candy queen lip pen and some nail art gem stones. and also those cool nail polish sticker that i've been wanting to try for while now. and everything for just 0,95cents! 

i painted my nails in a pinkish mood yesterday and that's how it turned out... i really love pink and lilac at the moment.
more on nails in another post though ;-)
what have you been upto today?