Oct 10, 2010

Sunday Outfit + Attack Of The Butterflies

Today was a lovely day as you may have noticed from my earlier entry. and i decided to spend some time in the lovely garden with my cat when we suddently were attacked by loads of butterflies. well... ok ... attacked is  strong word for it. but a lot of them flew towards my head (probably because my hair smelled yummi today thanks to my Aussie Hair conditioner and spray). i think the butterflies tried to cherish this very warm sunny day and they were collecting nectar and sun bathing. to be honest i was a little scared of them at first but the more time i spent with the butterflies the more i started to like them. my cat likes them too. to eat that is! i caught one for her just to show her and she immediately ate it! ewww! i wish i hadn't caught the poor thing :( i felt terrible! i'm a pacifist when it gets to any living being. i'm even too frightened to kill a fly or a nasty spider (well i'm terrified of spiders so i'd never get near one anyway). but i'm drifting off with my post - sorry about that. so here is what i wore today and pictures of the different butterflies i saw. oh and mushrooms my father picked in the forest today (they were delicious!)

Miss Selfridge playsuit, H&M cardigan and tights, pearl neacklace from my mothers museum

i also just found out that i don't have any lectures tomorrow. they all start on wednesday (awesome!!!) so i have enough time to buy some "back to school" clothes and stationary (completely forgot to buy any stationary!) 


  1. the butterfly pictures are so pretty! and your cat is pretty adorable too :) x

  2. pssst wenn du was brauchst sag bescheid ich arbeite bei mcpaper :D