Oct 13, 2010

Marie Antoinette

Why on earth i chose this title you might wonder? well i just looked at this Eyeko "Vintage" nail polish and realised how much it looks like a macaron :) then  added with some pearl background- voilá! ... at least a little... right? haha
i bought a Essence nail stamp kit today. and here is my experience with it (i actually really liked it after i figured out how to use it- it just needs some practice) 
(i also got some nail stickers with bows- sooo cute)

weapons of choice ;)
Essence nail art stampy set: 2,95€ and nail art stampy polish: 1,95€ (it's a rather cheap alternative to konad if you ask me)

Eyeko Vintage after 3 coats and top coat 

you put the special nail polish on the chosen nail design, quickly wipe it with a pastic card (DON'T use the one in the set! it's scratching the whole template!) and then quick quick quick put the stamp on it. apply on the nail and tadaaa:

it also works with regular nail polish- but it's not as pigmenty

i'm sorry this post is kinda short. the day has gone by way too quick today and i'm very tired. so good night my loves ♥


  1. i freekin love your nails.
    they look ahhmazing.<3

    would love ya to check out my blog.
    kisses from lace & leather.<3

  2. wow the black and blue looks amazing! i want a stamp thing now! how much was it? x