Nov 8, 2010

Monday Cheer Ups

Yesterday was like the coldest day in this autumn season so far and i had to walk to the train station (20min) in the rain with no umbrella... so no surprise i am having a cold today :(
but the postman cheered me up a little when he delivered my so longed green Topshop tunic and also something else... 
it was my Eyeko ambassador first sale gift. woot woot!
i got the lovely Mayfair lipgloss and some cute invitation cards. i was at first a little disappointed at the lipgloss shade because i hoped to get Soho but this one is much better than i thought! Mayfair is the perfect autumn nude lip shade and it really looks great with my (where is the sun?) pale skin. in fact i look much more alive with that lipgloss. i might show you some other time but today i just feel way too ill.

if you are struggling to decide which Eyeko lipgloss you should take i would totally recommend you Mayfair. it suits every skin tone and is a nice classy look for everyday. don't forget to use my ambassador code E10765 to get a freebie if you decide to order. 

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