Nov 9, 2010

Sold Out Love

pearl lowe for peacocks was 30£, joy 39£, topshop 95£, joy 65£
(all sold out)

It always makes me sad when i find THE perfect dress and it's sold out... just like the 4 above ones. i think we all agree that peter pan collars are the best thing on a dress. well i will keep my eyes open for more AVAILABLE dresses like these. i actually ordered this ASOS dress tonight. i can't wait for it to arrive. it's petite so i hope it wont be too short...


  1. The asos one is really cute and a great price too! its probably my favorite out of them all actually but it still sucks when you can't have what you really want! x

  2. those are so cute! and sold out?! :( i totally know the feeling...! makes me sad too. hopefully you find a similar dress somewhere else soon! :)


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