Nov 15, 2010

Monday Collars

Hello everyone!
i'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately! the day always seems way too short and i hardly get everything done i want to :(
but today i went with my mother a little shopping. i finally bought a dirty laundry basket it is green shreek! but i found an old pillow case at home and customised it a little and i think it looks rather cute now!
on the weekend i bought this really nice Zara cardigan in camel and an adorable H&M cardigan with pink flowers (love it!)
also added 3 new nail polished from Essence to my collection. i will show you some swatches when my nails look a little better. due all the uni stress my nails just look terrible! i tend to rip them when i feel nervous :( but i bought some vitamins which will hopefully help my nails and hair to grow healthy. 
i love bows and i'm sure a lot of you do too right? i bought a red and pink ribbon for my hair. the pink one i will actually cut in two so i can wear them with pigtails hehe. ah i'm so girlie...

i also found some very nice laces which i will make collars from. i think i will just attach them with a nice brooch (i saw a lovely vintage one with a kitten in a shop in Dortmund the other day for 20€ and i think i will ask Santa to get it for me). the "collars" were 75 cents each so i think that's quite a bargain and it will look amazing. 

i wish i knew how to crotched! i think i would only make collars all day hahaha and people would call me the crazy crotched lady.

hope you all had a nice weekend and a good start in the week? did anything exciting happen? the weekend here was extremly stormy and it was raining all the time. non stop! i think i had enough rain for the next 10 years... 

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