Nov 6, 2010

Weekly Buys

This week has actually been quite lazy since i had no uni on Monday and Tuesday. and also not on Wednesday but i didn't know that and of course went to uni only to find the lecture hall locked- not cool!
i finally found a crackling top coat similar to the sold out Barry M. one for only 1.75€! i bought two and there is going to be a nice little Give Away soon so stay tuned dear friends ;)
i found the crackling top coat easy to apply but i had some problems at first because i had no idea of how much to put on. now i know it takes a LOT to actually get a nice effect. i will perhaps do a tutorial... but i guess there are a lot of them on the web already.

on Thursday i went to the japanese part of Dusseldorf and bought some japanese candy. i thought the pink ball on the top right was a Mochi but it's actually a rice cake with red bean filling (not what i wanted - cry!!!) i wish i could try some but i bought them for my BF.

so i bought some Milka chocolate for me. but my cat decided that she wants it! of course i only gave her a tiny piece- chocolate is actually really bad for cats! but i don't think a crumble will kill her- after all she is 15 and it was not her first bit of chocolate ^^

(i didn't give her this huge piece! lol)

i'm planning to go for a short trip to Dortmund tomorrow since the shops are going to be open (usually everything is closed here on a Sunday, it's really annoying!) and afterwards a friend is coming to visit me. i haven't seen her in ages so i'm really looking forward to it. what are your plans for Sunday?