Sep 28, 2010

Seven Days Of Scottish Autumn

I did it! i made whole outfits for my seven day stay in scotland. because i tend to take way too many clothes without even wearing half of it i thought it might be a good idea to prepare everything BEFORE packing and i must say- i'm quite proud of myself for having it all covered: 

❥ a nice night out? check!
❥ meeting people (dress appropriate)? check!
❥ long walk at the beach? check! (sort of)
❥ shopping trips? check!
❥ visiting museums/ Edinburgh Zoo? check!
❥ looking adorable? double check! 

apologizes in advance for my terrible picture quality... i's 1am here and the lighting is really bad

1. bows and fur

cream dress-Miso, black cardigan- Yumi, faux fur- edc by Esprit, black leggins- h&m, headband- h&m

2. granny like

black cardigan- Jin-Ja, cream blouse- h&m, black satin band- random shop, brownish maxi skirt- h&m

3. bookworm

mustard cardigan- h&m, cream tunic- Dahlia, brown knitted tights- h&m, brooch- h&m

4. sweetheart

white pussy bow blouse- Sisley, black bow belt- h&m, black skirt- h&m, tights- h&m

5. romance

cream cardigan- Vero Moda, navy polka dot dress- h&m, cream polka dot tights- h&m

6. arty

black knitted dress- h&m, leo scarf- h&m, tights- Pretty Polly (nude) + Falke (net)

7. kat-face!

beret- h&m, black cat dress- Yumi, black knitted tights- h&m, pearl necklace- h&m

8. (additional- like for going out or something)

rose cardigan- h&m, black dress- Uttam London, black polka dot tights- h&m

Soooo.... i actually enjoyed myself so much putting those outfits together that i have even more outfits but they are a little unfinished because half my things have been drying after been washed. i will show you them tomorrow. i also haven't pulled off my travel outfit yet but i know that i definitely want to wear my little bow tie ( i got it on sale at h&m for 1€)

actually thinking about wearing a short sleeved white blouse with a black V-neck jumper and some black shorts with black tights. but that would mean i have to get some tights and shorts tomorrow because i don't own a pair of plain black shorts (!). i also don't know what coat i should take with me (will show you tomorrow between what to decide)

oh and have i mentioned how much i love my hall stand? it's so organising! really lovely and look how i put the top/skirt hangers together:

cute isn't it? also, when i described the outfits i realised i have quite a bunch of h&m clothes there! very weird because i thought i wasn't shopping that much h&m. i guess it's mostly small things like tights and accessories  but what would be an outfit without those right?

well i hope you enjoyed looking at my outfit IDEAS for the seven days. i am open for any suggestions and also i'm very interested in your experiences. have you ever made an "outfit" plan for when you went on holiday? if so did you stick to that plan? tell me all about it ♥


  1. wow your organised! i love the cat print jumper :) x

  2. I love NO.2-Granny Like!

    Its lovely..the cardigan is sooo pretty :)


  3. wow i love how organised you are - what beautiful clothes you have - i am jealous!!!


  4. you have a lot of pretty dresses!
    and wearing tights is always my fav! always look chic! :)