Sep 27, 2010

Hair Kat-Astrophe

So i dyed my hair today... with the intention to have that pretty Zooey Deschanel hair... and it turned out completely BLACK! i don't know what went wrong there but it looks so much different on the package and now i'm really panicking because i leave in 3 days and i have no idea what to do. the colour doesn't suit me AT ALL! and i washed my hair 10 times today without any result- let's hope it looks a little better tomorrow otherwise i might have to dye it again on wednesday...

that's the dye colour i got. it's called "black-BROWN" and it looks dark brown to me... 

HOWEVER it turned out completely BLACK (excuse me for the terrible picture but i just look too awful to show my face)  ... oh why oh why am i always so unlucky when i dye my hair? last time i dyed it brown the colour didn't even last 3 washes but at least it suited me...
i will keep you up to date with my hair disaster of epic proportions (at least now i know that i will never look like Zooey lol and that i never should have believed i could)

what about you? did something like this ever happened to you? what did you do then? any recommendations what i shall do now? 


  1. Hey just found your blog :) It's really good :) I've had issues with dye before I can't say I have any advice for you, I just leave it up to my hairdresser now :P

    L x
    Half Dressed

  2. aw thank you :)
    yeah i guess no more DIY hair styles for me haha

  3. i love your blog - i'm now following :)
    I always have problems when i dye my hair but from the picture yours looks quite nice, i accidently went black before and i think it just takes a little getting used to x

  4. Always happens if you buy the dye too dark :( Make sure you get a couple shades lighter than the colour you're going for. Go for a medium chocolate brown, and you can't go far wrong. Or the hairdressers!