Sep 26, 2010

Nailing It Down

What a cliche title! anyway... with the 3 cute nail polishes i won (i wrote about it here) i now own 9 cute Eyeko polishes. actually i have the "Rain" one twice (gonna be a give away as soon as i reached enough followers)

my absolute favorite of them all is actually the "Lilac" polish! it looks so girly and pastel but to be honest all their polishes are great and nice quality. they are a little more liquid than the ones i am used to but i must say i really like it because it makes them very easy to apply on my nails. to get the full colour i usually have to put more than one coat on but they dry quite fast so it's not really bothering me.

oh and before i forget! back then when there was this awesome Models Own 50% off event i got myself 5 nail polishes from them but because international postage there is 10£ (!!!!) i decided to get them send to my BFs' address- i got the shades "Hot Pink", "Purple Mystique", "Jade Stone", "Pink Blush" and "Pastel Pink" and i guess i'm a little into pink lately ... but anyway i can't wait to try them out (in 4 days woot woot!)

I hope you are all having a nice Sunday i will do some eBay stuff later because i want to have some more money for great UK purchases hehe 

Do you have a favorite nail polish? if so which one is it? any brand you prefer? and what do you think is going to be the new "trend" polish this season? i read that purple grey is going to be huge now (and sold out on the Models Own online shop) 
tell me what you think 


  1. ich hab ungefähr 30 nagellacke... also echt zzt steht ich auf "Sweets for my Sweets" von Catrice. Bubble gum lack <333

  2. oh ja die Catrice Nagellacke sind super! Wollt mir da auch demnächst welche von holen ^^
    mach doch mal ein foto von deinen *neugier* ;)

  3. I like Barry M because..well they have a good range of colours, it's cheap and to be honest I haven't really tried any others..!

  4. oh yeah Barry M is awesome for nail polish! i'm def gonna get some shades when i get to the UK ;)

  5. i love Barry M, they do all the catwalk shades, so great - and they copy all the Chanel biggies! Cool blog, definitely be back here lots :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy.