Sep 25, 2010

The Wish List- Part Two

Here is my second post about my lovely wish list of item i really want to check out when i get to Scotland in 5 days (ooooh i can't wait to see my BF again!!!) on Monday i'm gonna have a "beauty day" where my bathroom will become a 5 star spa with face masks, hair masks, hair dyeing, eyebrow dyeing (mine are so bright lol) and lash dyeing (because i sometimes can not be bothered to put mascara on) but yeah more on that another day. now enjoy those cute coats, jackets and shoes. btw i think this years' autumn/winter collections are so gorgeous! the aviator styles and faux furs made me really fall in love with this season. what do you think about this season? any must haves you have on your lists? 


Yumi 89.99£

Miso 49.99£

i remember when they put the picture of that coat on their facebook page a lot of people said it was hideous. but i like this 70's boho style and the fur collars with velvet

Topshop 130£


Office 65£

Rocket Dog 49.99£
i actually bought these the other day at TK Maxx for 35€ they are really much nicer in real life and also incredibly warm and comfortable to walk in 

they remind me of an ice princess haha

the trends from 2010, leopards and wedge, combined in one shoe- does it justify the price though?

Thanks for viewing my wish list! i hope you found something you liked and if not any other nice recommendations? don't forget to tell me everything about your wish lists ♥


  1. liking what you've chosen!:)

  2. I actually really like that jacket from miss selfridge :)

    And those shoes from office are beautiful, ive looked at them a few times, you get them in the brogue style too!


  3. you have some really nice clothes on your page

    and i think i might need to buy those clog boots
    fur and studs you can't go wrong

  4. i LOVE the miss selfridge coat1 it's so classy :) xx