Sep 29, 2010

Ready For Take Off

Hello everyone! i'm sorry that this post is really short but i still have to pack my suitcase which i been procrastinating all day but i have a good excuse! my cat was lying in it all day.  also have to clean my apartment a little so when i get home it's nice and clean and i can fall in my bed (i arrive at 10.30pm plus one hour drive from the airport. ewww!) 

here is my cat occupying my suitcase and looking gorgeous! (would you believe she is 15 years old?)- her name is Lesja by the way.

at least i got my hand luggage sorted out... almost... i'm taking my YSL glasses with me, and a little moleskine book, wallet, some lipgloss, a nailpolish pen in red (how awesome is a nail polish pen?! i love it!), the little unprofessional camera, iphone, headphones, nail file, lipgloss with pithaya flavour, a hairbow, some face powder and my awesome Hello Kitty pocket mirror and candy watch (i don't have a watch and don't want to pull out my phone all the time). so yeah that and much more  is going to be in my "hand" bag tomorrow (bag by Roxy- i have the same suitcase).

gonna wear my bow tie with a white shirt, black v-kneck jumper, black skirt, tights and my Pepe Jeans leather bow gloves (sorry for awful pic)

i also got another thing to bring with me. some porcini mushrooms which were picked by my parents in the forest (they are mushroom experts fyi). i labeled the glass and put a ribbon on it...also drew an ugly mushroom haha... i actually love giving self made presents it feels so much more personal. don't you agree? 
so i will leave you guys now. hope you will have a great week and do awesome stuff. i will see you soon again 


  1. Wow, I cant believe your cat is 15 years old! And I love Hello Kitty too. Will be doing another post on new HK stuff my boyfriend brought me from Japan :D Hope you follow my blog to see them!

  2. that cat is so adorable.xx

  3. I love all the hello kitty stuff and those glasses are just amazing! I hope you enjoy your wee trip away in Scotland (that is were I am, and I love it ;) ) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xo