Mar 9, 2011

Oh My...

... i'm so sorry for my long hiatus! there was so much to do and i was absolutely not in the mood to blog. so much has happened though and now i feel the need to share at least a little bit with you. 

i was in Bath over the weekend. and i must say it was such a nice trip. Bath is such a beautiful town. to be honest i consider it the most beautiful place in the UK that i have visited but that's just me i guess haha. the weather was also wonderful. so sunny! i love the sun. hopefully spring will arrive soon as i absolutely can't wait for it anymore. 

a nice long post will follow as soon as i beat my cold (been ill for over a week now- and i don't think my long journey to Bath helped there- i had to go by train to Amsterdam and took then a plane to Bristol- but oh so worth it).
yeah i hope you are all winning like Charlie Sheen. 

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