Mar 12, 2011

Spring Wish List

I have interesting news! i'm moving next to my uni in April in a nice apartment with another girl. it is one of those uni apartments right next to my lecture halls (5min away only!!!). you can't believe how glad i am as i use to take 2.5 hours to uni one way! 
my room is going to be really big and i need to get some things so a trip to Ikea will be necessary :3
also i was thinking about my clothing style. at the moment i just hate all my clothes (don't we all get that?) and i want to throw out nearly everything! for spring i really badly want a black leather jacket but i just can't find the right one...

how awesome are those big gem stone jewelry pieces at the moment? i just love them! especially in turquoise and coral colours. 
anyway- i am still very ill. this virus has been bothering me for two weeks now so yesterday i went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics. hopefully i recover soon as i absolutely have loads to do before moving! 
are you all having a nice weekend?


  1. love the leather shown, would look amazing with the dress!

  2. oh ace about the Uni flat. You will feel so more involved in the social side of things now too, as you won't be worried what time you have to go home, or where you're going to stay.
    Oh god, I feel that about my clothes half the time I swear. That outfit is lovely. love the cutie pretty dress with the rock leather jacket, really mixes things up x

  3. Oh I am in love with those shoes, I never really look in miss selfridge might have to start now. Hope you feel better soon and congrats about moving out for Uni! x

  4. those shoes are WAY TOO CUTE! nice list :)