Feb 10, 2011

Clash Of The Lash 1

Introducing a new blog feature! i will compare two mascara with each other. i always like to see a mascara review in comparison to another mascara and i hope you will like it too. 
so this edition i will compare Lancôme Hypnôse Drama with Max Factor False Lash Effect.

the brushes: 

Lancôme: one thing i don't like about it is that there is always coming out too much mascara so i always have to rub it off on the edges. price: around 20€

Max Factor: although it looks really unimpressive it is very good. price around 10€ 

lashes without any mascara (looks awful- i'm sorry)

lashes with Lancôme mascara

lashes with Max Factor mascara

to be honest i can't find many differences in the result. the Lancôme mascara has a very perfume-y scent which might not be for everybody. the brush looks also more impressive but it is not as precise as the Max Factor one in my opinion. if you are not into designer make up i would absolutely go for the Max Factor one which is only half price and has .

so what do you think? do you have one of the mascara? 


  1. Hypnose is my current mascara. I love the effect of both mascara.

  2. I adore the max factor false lash effect mascara, it's so so good. Love it.


  3. Great post!! I also have the max factor false lash mascara, I love it but it's tough to get off x

  4. WOW!!! That really brings out the color of your eyes-they're gorgeous!!