Jan 19, 2011

When Will It Be Spring Again?

Cardigan- Zara, Shirt- H&M, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Zara, Bag- Zara

I feel like winter is never going to end. i really long for some warmer lighter days. today was again one of those days where you can't tell what time of the day it is. so grey and dark. and just when i got back from uni it started to rain.  actually! today i was so late for uni because for some weird reason i was sure my lecture starts at 11. but it does always start at 10. when i realised that (it hit me like a lightning when i put one and one together) i got ready within five minutes (inclusive make up) that's why i pretty much look like a mess today.
i went to the Zara store again (i think i'm addicted to their sale! i swear i also wear other things! not only Zara) and i got this skirt in rust, camel and black. it was only 5€ and i would had been an idiot not to get them all. i also found some really cute shoes that i might get if they will reduce them again... i think they would be perfect for summer with white socks (so last season but i don't care). 

hope you are all well and that the weather is somehow better where you stay. 


  1. Great skirt! I need to check out the Zara sale, and Zara in general a bit more as I don't tend to stop by in there :)
    R x

  2. I don't think this winter will ever end! I like your cardigan x

  3. I really like your blog, it's so sweet! And I adore your style! I wear a lot of stuff from Zara also, specially after I bought so many (too much!) things on their sales. :)


  4. amazing outfit!love your blog!
    i follow you!if you want follow me!


  5. That skirt is perfect!! I love that colour. I need to check out Zara soon!

  6. That outfit is perfect, everything goes together so well! Love your blog, I'm a new follower x

  7. I've awarded you the versitile blogger award! x