Jan 21, 2011

How Was My Week 3

Hello hello! my week was so boring actually. i did nothing exciting at all. and from next week on i really have to study a lot for my upcoming exams. today i got almost a shock when i saw that it was snowing big fat snowflakes earlier on but thank god the snow melted at once. i really can not be bothered with snow anymore. way too cold! why can't it be Spring already? also i really hate hate hate my cheap camera. i tried to find a new charger for my SLR camera but they don't have it for this old model and i don't want a fake one from some cheap brand. i really need to get this problem sorted out very soon. otherwise i might just destroy this little camera because it annoys me. so. much. i'm awful sorry for the terrible picture quality :(

Cardigan- Zara, Fur Stole- Esprit, Shirt- H&M, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Zara, Bag- Zara, Glasses- YSL, Necklace- my Mothers Museum Shop

oh i really HATE this camera! 

here i am wearing the camel version from the skirt i wore in my last post. i'm so glad i bought it in all colours! it has the perfect length and is so comfortable. 
today i got on eBay and got this wonderful Louche dress that i posted about (it was sold out) and i got it for unbelievable 10€ including postage. sometimes i am so lucky on eBay hehe i can't wait for it to arrive. 

so yeah i hope your week was all good and that you will have a nice relaxing weekend. i think i will do some baking and will think of a new camera. 

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