Feb 1, 2011


Scarf- Zara, Top- H&M, Skirt- Zara, Belt- Zara

It's February! and less than two weeks until Valentines Day... are you excited? or are you like me going to be alone and get your chocolate from your mother? lol 
i really love the colour rust but i'm not so sure if it suits me that well... although i heard it looks very good on people with blueish eyes. well i shall put some more research into that.
hope you are having a good day! i can't wait for my mom to get from work so she can dye my hair. i will show you how it turned out (unless it turns out to be disaster... then don't expect to hear from me ever again haha). 

what i wanted to tell you is that i am going to participate in a challenge by one of my all time favorite bloggers in the whole wide world Amber. i've been reading her blogs since 2006 when i had no idea what a blog was but i just loved everything she posted on the Fashion Police
so yeah- shoe challenge! woohoo... if only i had some more shoes ... but i decided to add a little rule for me and to make it not only wear every pair of shoes i own but also BUY some nice shoes :) ha! i'm such a little cheater ain't i? hehe so as far as i know EVERYBODY can participate so hop over to the Shoeperwoman site and sign up today! 


  1. i love that scarf with that top! Great mix of color!

  2. I love the outfit, the colour of scarf and the top are amazing together :)
    I see you have the shoechallenge badge, I'm doing it as well :D