Jan 31, 2011

The Shepherd Instead Of The Lamb

Dress- Louche, Cardigan- H&M

Oh it is SO COLD! i really hoped the freezing weather would be over but no... it's not over at all. i even saw some small snowflakes earlier and the forecast doesn't look promising either.
today i just couldn't warm up at all. and i wore 3 pairs of tights, 2 pair of warm wool socks and this very warm boyfriend cardigan. oh may i tell you how much i love this pretty Louche dress? i still can't believe i found it for such a bargain on eBay. (less than 10€ including postage) i remember when it was on the Joy website for 39.99£ but it got sold out really quick. 

my hair is just awful at the moment. it's all electrified! i can't do anything with it! i want to change it. so today i bought some lightening hair dye. i will do it tomorrow (later on today lol- it's 2am right now!!! i'm an insomniac) when my mom gets back from work (it's impossible to do such a thing on your own- unless you are a pro at dyeing hair i guess which i am certainly not) and hopefully i will get my nice brown hair back. for some reason it looks really black on photos however it doesn't so much in real life- but it's still a little too dark for me.

i also have a nice announcement to make tomorrow so make sure to check my blog later on (hint: it has to do with shoes and a challenge *mysterious*)
now i shall go to bed my dears. have a good night and be warm.
P.S. new Gossip Girl episode woohoo!

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  1. I'm feeling you on the 3 pairs of tights, it is beyond cold I love that dress, just too cute. Hope you are keeping warm kitten xxxx