Feb 2, 2011


Cardigan- H&M, Shirt- Miso, Skirt- H&M, Satchel Bag- Warehouse
sorry again about the awful picture quality

Hi there! for some reason i had no clue what day it was. first i thought it must be Monday, then no... it's Tuesday! how shocked i was when i found out it was Wednesday lol. 
tomorrow i'm writing my physiology exam and i should go straight back to my books after i get home.
i dyed my hair last night but as you can see nothing changed. really disappointing! but i think that's because there wasn't nearly enough hair dye in the package! i will try it again next week with two packs. and perhaps a little more bleaching. also i think i finally got the right battery charger for my SLR cam. i bought it last night on eBay and immediately payed so hopefully it will be here within this week- cross fingers.
by the way... i kind of noticed that it might look i'm taking my pictures in the bathroom. but it's actually the living room- in front of my curtains, the thing that might look like a bathtub is a radiator.

but anyway. i hope you are all having a good week and enjoy the rest of this Wednesday.


  1. Love this dude!!! I think mustard really suits you! Hoping you are ok, good luck with your work. xx

  2. Hey ;)
    Cute outfit and nice blog - Love It <3
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    XoXo - Rikke

  3. I adore that colour on you! It's such a lovely shade of yellow.

    Hope the exam went ok!

  4. SUCH a cute cardi! New follower here c: x