Feb 4, 2011

How Was My Week 3/4

Jumper- Asos

Ooops i kind of forgot about that post last week but there was nothing too exciting going on anyway. to be honest i can't even remember anymore :O 

today my battery charger arrived (finally) and at last i can take some better quality pictures- so long cheap Samsung cam!!!! also today was the last day of my lectures. now i am "free" until mid April (not really because there is a lot to study for upcoming exams in march, but at least i don't have to get up early). after uni i decided to have a quick look through the shops and found the cutest H&M skirt ever- it was 19,95€ but sneaky me used a H&M Facebook promotion for 25% off so i it cost me only 14,95€. everything about this skirt reminds me of my childhood- i was such a trendy girl back then haha. and i just love floral print- it's not everybody's cup of tea but for me it's just so cute and perfect. how do you feel about it? 

when i told my mom about that YSL ring that has been all over the internet she said it looks hideous (parents...) and gave me this real lapis lazuli gold ring. unfortunately it is too big for me but my mom says it should be no problem to get it smaller at the jewelers. i also ordered the ASOS cross ring which was again sold out extremely fast so i had to cope with a size S and it doesn't fit :( i can put it on but then my ring finger gets all blue lol so will have to send it back sob sob.

oh and a very sad story that upset me last night. my parents told me that one of the cats from my old neighbourhood went missing. she hasn't come home for two weeks now. it's such a shame. i really hope the cat is fine and will come home to her owners soon. 


  1. that skirt looks really pretty - kind of like a watercolour :) x

  2. I'm just addicted to floral print too; that jumper and skirt together would just be perfection <3

  3. The jumper looks lovely on you xx

  4. i am loving your blog/clothes. ps - your blog background is super cute.