Jan 6, 2011

Happy New Year...

It's been a while! i am really sorry for the Hiatus. i had some little issues to work through. so how was your New Years Eve? i went to a Club with my Brother in Wuppertal. it was so much fun but i think i drank a little too much lol. fell down on the icy streets a few times and now my whole body is covered in HUGE bruises - i guess that's what you get for wearing heels when the roads are basically an ice rink. i wore some shorts that night that i bought at Vila for 34.95€ and i really like them. also wore some Zara TRF shoes that i got in the sale (oh i love the Zara Sale!) 
yesterday i finally got my little Zara Satchel bag that i have been eyeing for so long! it was reduced from 50€ to 30€. but i was a little shocked when i saw how small it actually is. however i still love it and am going to wear it as much as i can. 
i also got a package from L'Oreal yesterday. i was really surprised by what i could had been so i opened it with a big excitement and look what i got? some hair dye that is not out here in the shops yet! awesome (sorry for the dark photobooth picture -it was very dark when i took it)

i think i will dye my hair as soon as the dark brown washes out a little. since it's almost spring (a girl can dream can't she?!) it's time for a little lighter hair anyway. i really like this shade it's called "pure light brown". but i guess we will see how it turns out on my hair.

oh i have so much more to share with you lovelies (i got some great Christmas presents) but i am afraid that camera charger still hasn't showed up and i am too lazy and broke to get a new one. also that other camera is really killing me- if you ever get yourself a camera make sure it's not a Samsung! i've never had a worse camera than that. 
so anyway i hope you all had a lovely Holiday time and stick to your New Years resolutions ;)