Jan 7, 2011

How Was My Week 1

i want to start the new year with a little new blog tradition. i've seen it on countless blogs and would really like to try it myself. taking a picture of me every week. i really would love to look back them it once the year is finished.

so the first week of the new year has ended and i actually haven't been up to much. mostly sat at home- my uni starts only next week and even then i have most days off. actually very soon i will have to sit loads of exams (booooh!)

in other news: i got THE Topshop sailor jacket!!! oh for how long i wanted it. so happy it's finally mine. i gotta love eBay for that (although i actually really hate ebay). i also got this Warehouse satchel for uni since the Zara one is a little bit too small. 

i decided i need a new eyeliner. thinking about getting the MAC one. oh and i plan to get myself a few more professional brushes. perhaps this Sigma set? can anyone recommend their brushes? 

today is Christmas in the old orthodox calendar so.... merry Christmas to you all :D 

1 comment:

  1. So jealous you got the topshop sailor coat, I've been wanting it for ages!