Nov 25, 2010

Zara Satchel

I know i know... Zara- again! but look at this satchel! it is so lovely and it was the only one in the shop. it's from the TRF collection and the price tag says 39.95€. if only i had some money left on my bank but for this month i'm completely broke :( 
hopefully it will be still there on december 1st.
today was a real tough day for me. i had to get up at 4.40 am (yes A.M.!) to be in time for my physiology exam. i thought it would be clever to stay up all night and drank a lot of coke and ate candy but at midnight i was like "why am i doing this? i want to sleep" but obviously i couldn't fall asleep yet felt terribly tired so don't do that at home kids. absolutely not worth it. but the bright side about it is i got off very early so i took some time to look through the Dortmund city centre (which honestly is so pathetic! i wish we had some good shops over here... as far as i know there is going to be a grand opening of a big shopping mall next year in winter with a Primark and rumors say also a Forever21. we will see how that will turn out.
how was your day by the way? what do you think about the satchel? should i get it?


  1. That's really nice, would be lovely in dark brown too x

  2. mmh ich mag die tasche aber ne alexa bag wär geiler haha :D:D

  3. the stachel is gorgeous, and a good price too - i'd say buy it! x

  4. i love the satchel , i saw it in store and am now lusting