Nov 23, 2010

Monday Love: Interpol!

Hello lovelies! i know it's Tuesday but yesterday i went to the Interpol concert in Dortmund. and it was so awesome but way too short. i had the feeling the pre bands played longer than Interpol itself! but i don't care. Interpol is my absolute favorite band and i love love love Paul Banks (who wore glasses last night?). in fact all of the guys at the concert wore glasses and the same clothes as Paul (plaid shirt). was it a coincidence? my brother went with me even though he had no idea what kind of music they play so that was really nice. i think i converted him to become a fan too.
i was ALMOST front stage but there was a really big woman who took all the space and was really cheeky about it (all the time she put her butt in my body- i felt really uncomfortable) so i went to the side but i still saw everything. and i think Paul saw me too and now he probably can't stop thinking about me (a girl can dream can't she?). oh and Daniel waved at me! he is so cute :D

anyway. i realised i badly need a new little camera- that pink Samsung is awful! i hate it and will send it back because the quality is terrible and it already has some black spots at the screen. 
anyone can recommend a nice little camera? not too expensive... perhaps maximum 200-250€? i'd be really thankful.
how was your Monday? have you been to any concerts recently?

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