Nov 18, 2010

Today's Wishes

grey jumper- Dorothy Perkins 23£, gem necklace- Miss Selfridge 12£, peter pan collar shirt- Fred Perry 60£, skirt- River Island 24.99£, bag- Miss Selfridge 25£, shoes- ASOS 30£, socks- Topshop

today was such a lazy day for me. i had to get up at 5am to get to uni and when i got there i found out that i didn't have to go to that lecture and could have stayed in bed!!! 
when i got home my ASOS dress finally arrived (i had to send my first order back because it was huge on me- the german sizing on the ASOS website is way too big! i have to order 2 sizes smaller than i would buy in a shop here- they should really work on that or just stay with UK sizing). after trying it on i went for a little nap and talked to my BF on skype.
the outfit above was an attempt to create an outfit from the intro of one of my favorite childhood cartoons "Hallo Kurt" (in german = hello Kurt) i think it's originally japanese and is called "おはよう!スパンク". 

really have to get a navy ribbon and some cute knee socks. i think they are lovely! how are you guys all doing? looking forward to the weekend? i totally am. finally some sleep and no train rides.


  1. why must you always show me so many gorgeous things?! i now want the socks and jumper :) i love the bag too but i brought it about 6 weeks ago and it broke after using it once so it had to go back :( x

  2. I love this outfit, in fact, I think I might have to skip vital essay writing time and get myself into the city tomorrow to buy everything!

  3. I really love this outfit. Especially the grey jumper!