Nov 20, 2010

Christmas Treats

For me Christmas is the best time of the year! not because of the presents (well... they are nice too) but mostly because it's so cozy at Christmas time. i love the smell of the Christmas trees and all that kitschy decorations (need to get some very soon!) and oh not mentioning the wonderful food- yum yum! 
this year i will also spend the time with my lovely BF. he will arrive on the 25th sometime in the evening- i will try to prepare the dinner before i will pick him up from the airport so when we get back to my place everything is set hehe. i was thinking about making an untraditional thai dinner actually with coconut prawn soup, saté chicken, rice and some other dishes i still need to decide on. what do you think about it? or do you usually stick to traditional dishes?
also what are your wish lists like?

this year i have quite a few wishes on my list and i fear i won't be getting everything (still haven't won the lottery yet- perhaps i should start playing it? lol) but yeah here is what i would wish for if tomorrow was Christmas.

jumper 34£- Miss Selfridge, satchel bag 35£- Urban Outfitters, lingerie vest 15£ & knickers 7£- Accessorize, pocket watch 45£- Cath Kidston, Urban Decay Naked palette 27£- Debenhams, guard hanger 1.99€ & bus hanger 3.99€ - Butlers, Gucci by Gucci perfume 58.50£- House of Fraser

i really need some nice new underwear actually! i'm normally really not an underwear girl... but when i looking at the current Accessorize stock i might become one! everything looks so lovely. we actually have a lot of their shops now here in Germany which is really great! but their currency exchange is a bit unfair- everything is way more expensive in Euro than it is when i would buy it in the UK. 
oh and i saw some swatches of the Urban Decay Naked palette the other day and completely fell in love with it! oh it is so perfect for a natural look  i'm actually thinking about getting it myself as a treat. 
the Gucci by Gucci perfume has been on my wish list for a little while now and yesterday i convinced my mother how great that perfume actually is so i'm 99% sure that's going to be under the tree :)
oh why does it still have to be 35 days until Christmas?

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  1. I have the pink Miss Selfridge jumper, and I wholly recommend it! it's really soft and warm ^_^