Oct 9, 2010

Selfmade Chocolate & Cupcakes

I feel in the mood to make my own chocolate! so i ordered this book "how to make your own chocolate" (it's german actually and you can get it here) the thing that made me get it was actually the chocolate pan. i was looking for those everywhere and could not find them! and right after i clicked "add to cart" i found another book that caught my attention :

after reading the good reviews (get it here) i added that to my cart too and "went" straight to check out since i have to save my money for upcoming Christmas and New Year (i've got big plans!).
i'm sorry that these books are in german because i would prefer to show you things a little more "international". hope you don't mind too much. as soon as i received them i will try to make my own chocolate and share my experience with you. there has been a "dream" chocolate on my mind for a while- i'm thinking little cute speculaas cookies and strawberry chocolate drops with a nice milk chocolate.
writing this makes me want to go to the chocolate museum in cologne! it's not too far so might go there soon. make sure to stay tuned for more ♥


  1. ummmm i want to make my own chocolate now! definitely let us know how it goes :) x

  2. schockoladenmuseum bin ich dabei!!!