Oct 8, 2010

The Purrfect October Outfit From Joy

I just can't stop blogging today can i? it must be because i was away for a week. Well, when i was in Edinburgh Princes Mall i found one of the cutest shops ever: JOY!
they sell a lot of weird "gifts" but you have to check out the cute Louche clothing.

Louche Lottie Pearl Collar Velvet Dress 65£

This dress is a dream! when i saw it in the shop i immediately made an imaginary outfit with it. if only i had a little more money with me! ... as soon as i saved up a bit i'm going to get this dress! oh and also this coat:

Louche Juanita Fur Trim Coat 99£

imagine how cute both items would look combined? and as october is still not THAT cold i'm sure you can get away with wearing these cute ballet flats from Topshop and white opaque tights (for example from American Apparel)

Hehe i wish i could wear this right now :)
What do you think? do you have any experience with JOY? is there a store near where you live?


  1. I am actually IN LOVE with that coat! It reminds me of little red riding hood, awh how adorable! xxx

  2. i know right!? its sooo cute xxx

  3. I lovee the dress, its so pretty!

    I like the shoes too, you get them in a light colour too i think :)


  4. i went in a shop by the tate museum last week, i'm pretty sure that was JOY but not 100% certain.
    Anyway the dress is adorable and i don't even like flats but i now want these pumps! x