Oct 8, 2010

Scotland Haul

And here is what i bought (i loved that there was a 20% student discount almost everywhere!!!)

Cath Kidston strawberry plate, mug and Flower mug, little kitty charm souvenir that i got in a cute shop in Edinburgh and the awesome Hummingbird Bakery book for cupcakes and muffins (i can't wait to try the recipes)

yeah... i have it with the nail polish recently. i got  a Rimmel strawberry scented one (it's awesome!), 4 Barry M ones in strawberry ice cream, red glitter, black and topcoat (i really needed one) and i finally picked up my Models Own order from BF. he also bought me a Tangle Teezer that has been on my wish list for ages (plus my ponytail became like one dread lock because it doesn't like the scottish water- racist hair!). oh and at Boots you got a free Vitamin Water lip balm when you bought two bottles which is pretty cool since it's so tasty.

i don't think i bought that many clothes actually. got myself a leopard faux fur jacket (finally) at New Look (with a 20% student discount woot woot!), a cute Miso hat and flower dress, some River Island brogues, and a 3£ Primark dress and tights. my BF got me that cute Dorothy Perkins bow jumper. i could have easily bought more though :) and i found some things that definitely go on my christmas wish list

another funny story! my suitcase was really heavy because i bought lots of tea and medication for my parents (it's so cheap over there! - for us people living in Germany anyway) and when i got to the airport i was so afraid that the suitcase would be overweight. At the check in my BF put the suitcase on the scale and it was like 20.4kg but the check in lady didn't say a word. Me and my BF were so glad i didn't have to pay for the 0.4kg overweight. lucky us! we saw two magpies before :)

oh and look what my BF put in my hand luggage as a surprise for me! cute Hello Kitty Keychain which i put on my bag and a pen with the same pattern as my blog background! how thoughtful 

how was your week? did you buy anything new? tell me all about it


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ich bin so neidisch. ich will auch einen hello kitty pen haben *freund gleich schlagen gehe*.
    määh so viele neue schöne sachen plus vitamin water. *LIEBE* mmmm nochmal NEID.

  2. wow you got some really good buys!
    i love the hat and bow jumper and the models own nail varnishes are amazing :) x

  3. toller haul :]
    wie kommts das du in UK student discount bekommen hast, wenn du in Deutschland studiert, od. geht das??

  4. ja man bekommt mit jedem Studentenausweis den discount. die sind da wirklich sehr freundlich ^^