Oct 9, 2010

Back To School Essentials Shopping List

On Monday it's going back to uni for me again... i have quite a nice time table with Tuesdays off which is okay but i really hate the fact that i have to travel 2.5h to my uni in Dusseldorf and back (one way 2.5h that is, but usually the way back is a little shorter as train connections are better).
anyway! i don't want to moan about my student routine but share my essentials for this semester with you. and because i am quite an organised person who likes to plan things in advance (like outfits) i made a list of things that i still need to get for most of my outfits (most of my essential clothes got old anway). 


i really want a fuchsia coloured one (East 55£) but i just can't find a good one right now! and those essential long boyfriend style ones are just awesome (like this H&M one for 9.95€). another short black cardigan would be nice. i really like cardigans. they make every outfit a little warmer :)
because i don't wear jeans or trousers i could get quite cold but thankfully there are tights! tights in all colours in all materials! i love them! i have to get some opaque and knitted ones at H&M and AA, really want some opaque white ones and fuchsia pink ones (to wear with the fuchsia cardigan and a black blouse& skirt- fuchsia really suits me well)

Dorothy Perkins (fuchsia 8£ & cream knitted 10£), Topshop (black 8£), Pamela Mann (grey ribbed & sheer heart each 8£)


what would an outfit be without cute essential accessories? well! i must admit i am not really good at accessorising things. i usually only wear a pair of gloves, glasses and a scarf and that's usually it. cream leather gloves ASOS 16£, brown gloves H&M 19,95€m faux fur snood H&M 14,95€- i'm looking for a nice pair of long leather gloves that don't look to bondage does anyone have an idea where i can find a pair that's not too expensive?

i also really want to get a midi skirt. nobody seems to like them for some reason... i know it's not really a flattering look but i want to try it myself. i think midi is the best length for a skirt in autumn- not too short not too long (maxi skirts i would expect to get soaking wet in the rain yuck!). my mother and i are going to go to Essen next Saturday but i hope i might get some new tights on my day off on Tuesday in my town.

what are your essentials for when you go to school/uni? do you usually go and buy sets of new clothes before back to school?


  1. Oohh I want that faux fur snood!

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  2. want a furry scarf too!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  3. Oh the faux fur snood is cool. I like those purple heart tights as well.