Oct 23, 2010

Models Own Wish List

Why are Models Own always making those awesome nail polish shades? i want them all haha! 
for this season i really badly want a mustard coloured nail polish*. but to be honest i struggle to find this shade although they have some mustardish colours.
*also want a rusty brownish red and the famous purple grey!!!

i'm not sure how those will look in real life. might order them next week but then again... i will have to order them to my BF because Models Own charge 10£ for postage to Germany (booooh!) and then he will have to send them to me and that will take forever. why can't i just live in the UK?! or why can't they just offer free postage within Europe like Eyeko?  

in other news i have decided to start an "uncasual friday" for uni. usually i don't really dress nice for uni because i am in a hurry in the morning and there is nobody i would dress up for anyway. but i think this gets a little boring! i need some fashion excitement in my life (lol) and so from now on every friday i will dress up nicely for uni (i already have drawn outfits for the next 6 weeks) and of course i will keep you up to date with my little project. 


  1. hmm i love models own but i'm not to fond of these shades of yellow, your right now its so hard to tell until you actually try them! x