Oct 22, 2010

Friday Update

Hey sweethearts! how are you feeling tonight? excited for the weekend? i totally am! uni is sooo tiring! i really hate getting up at 6am (on thursdays even at 5am!). but now it's weekend and we all can sleep a little longer and get beautiful while we snooze.
i'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. i will better myself i promise!
today i met with my mother after her work (and my uni) and we went a little shopping. look what nice things i got! i'm so happy hehe:

Zara Dress 25,95€, Zara pink cardigan 14,95€ H&M polkadot shirt 3€, H&M pink bow blouse 5€, H&M hat 14,95€

i know everybody must have that cute Zara dress but it was so lovely on me that i HAD to buy it! to be honest i could had bought everything at Zara. and that rarely happens! i have an eye on a this pair of shoes actually (for 49,95€) 
they didn't have them in my size so i will have to check in another store. but they are really lovely and cozy warm and they are quite bargalicious! 

i painted my nails with OPI "Yoga-Ta Get This Blue" and it's much prettier than on this picture! i wish OPI was not 17€ per bottle over here! it's just far to expensive.

anyway. what do you have planned for the weekend? bought something nice lately? ♥


  1. me like the nail polish and dress hun, just got some Eyeko in indigo that looks similar! xx

  2. opi nagellack per us bestellen is billiger <3 hübscher lack bubu