Oct 18, 2010

Little Monday Surprise

When i got back from uni i had a little package waiting for me...

it was from Revlon! and i remembered that ages ago i got a message from them on twitter that i won a lipstick. of course i thought it must be some sort of scam but still gave my adress in the hope that i would get my free lipstick. and here it is! woohoo! of course the colour is awful! it's brown and i wonder who actually looks good with brown lips? when i put it on i looked like i just drank a cocoa...

i'm still happy that i got a free lipstick haha! hopefully i will find a way to wear it. perhaps mixing it with some nice brighter colours? do you have any suggestions?


  1. Maybe put a bright gloss or a higher toned gloss over the top, with the flash it looks quite light, hmmm I kinda like it...or maybe give it away in a comp haha xxx

  2. Hmm maybe gloss over the top? does it look brown on or kind of nude?

  3. it's very brown. like chocolate! haha x

  4. I think it looks beautiful in the tube! Shame :(