Oct 25, 2010

Lovely Monday

What a lovely day it is today. not very cold and the sun is shining! my weekend was so busy you wouldn't believe! on Saturday night my brother knocked my door telling me that i have to drive him to Stuttgart (approx. 500km away from where i live!) because he had a spontaneous act there (he is a DJ or something like that- see his Myspace) and so i drove him with my Dads' awful huge car the 500km there (a speed camera got me driving 20km too fast on the Autobahn FML!). after the party we were staying at a very lovely 4 star hotel called Arcotel. if you ever happen to be in Stuttgart i would recommend a stay however i have no idea how much it is. and we missed the breakfast. but the staff is really friendly and the rooms are très chic! the drive back home the next day was much longer because of all the traffic jams and i think i didn't make it home before 7pm. 

hotel goodies (my brother took two hangers and two saucers lol)

but back to normal life. today was uni and my newest lecture "Tumor Physiology" has started. to be honest it's quite interesting but the woman who helds this lecture is so pathetically trying to be funny that it makes me hate her. i guess you can't choose your lecturers. after uni i decided to pay the wonderful Düsseldorf city centre a visit. however i was in a little rush to get back home because my tights ripped so i didn't go to all the shops i really wanted to. i bought some new tights at H&M for 8€ which is okay for 100D.  also found those Zara shoes i wrote in an earlier post about and a mustardish nail polish which i bought along some other polishes (but at home i realised it looks more orange than mustard). Essence (one of my favorite make up brands) has brought out the "Metallics" series and i bought the quattro eyeshadow with gel eyeliner in "chopper rulez!" and a cute lipstick in "glam girl". in H&M i also bought a mustard yellow tunic for only 10€ which i am customising with a cute white collar. but what am i bothering you with my terrible writing? have some pictures instead:

i'm quite happy that i don't have any uni tomorrow so i can sleep and study a little. how was your weekend? did you do anything interesting?


  1. Love the nail polish, make up and clothes, great choices Kat xx

  2. I love the grey nail polish!
    And you're blog looks pretty with this pink theme!
    follow me on my new blog if you like ;)