Oct 27, 2010

Chimney Warmth

A week ago my parents got their chimney! and we all were really excited about it however we had no clue how to use it. but now my Dad finally worked it out and the whole family is sitting downstairs and watch the warm fire. even the cat! she actually LOVES the chimney! when it's on she watches the fire or lies in her small basket. i will take a picture of her in the basket soon it's very cute! right now she is resting on my chair and watching me blog. 

by the way! my hair is finally losing the blackness! it's turning some weird dark brown with lighter brown... and i have decided to dye my hair a little lighter this weekend. in Germany nobody really celebrates Halloween anyway (at least not where i live) and on the 1st it's a bank holiday (so if it turns out to be a catastrophe i have enough time to hide in the sewerage).

i wore my selfmade collar tunic today and the dark green Zara cardigan. what did you wear today? did you have a happy wednesday?


  1. Awww ur kitty is so lovely - bet she loves the fire!

  2. Oooh like your hair! Mine did the same thing the first time I died it darker brown, but it does fade. jazzy ♥

  3. oh my god LOOK at your cat. is it a persian? I used to have one of those...I love their squised up little faces!x

  4. @morven : she is a persian mix. so her face is not that squeezed ^^ but yeah persian cats are so adorable aren't they? x