Feb 6, 2012

February Wish List

Hey guys! it sure has been a while hasn't it? I'm really sorry about that! so much has happened since the last time I posted! my macbook broke and i had to buy a new macbook pro which i love love love :) then Christmas where i went totally overboard with my shopping (seriously spent my entire wage on clothes and make up lol) and then i had to so much uni work. and i am going to move next moth to a new dorm room. but let's get to that some other time shall we?

1.i love this Topshop petite dress. looks so lovely and comfortable doesn't it? i think i'm going to order it some time next week (by the way i hate that Topshop has a German site now! that means i can't use the student discount anymore and the prices are converted in a very expensive rate!)

2. this Louche coat from Zalando (how awesome that they sell that brand there?!) is sooo cute! even though it's way too cold for a rain coat i'm thinking about getting this one for warmer rainier days. however i can't decide if i should get red or yellow? HELP :)

3. UGG boots?! yes! ugly? yes! but so warm and it is freezing cold here. so cold that even my 5 pair of wool socks combo does not prevent my feet from being cold and i remember i had a pair of UGGs once and my feet were always sooo cozy so i might get these when my size comes back in stock.

4. & 5. Paul & Joe are awesome for this cute cat collection! i don't think i could ever bear using these, they are just too cute but i'd love to look at those every day haha. 

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