Oct 11, 2011

Wish List October

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i think i should wear way more black. recently i realised that i barely have black clothes which is weird as there was a time where i only wore it... i wonder what happened to that clothes? 
anyway... some changes happened in my life recently (my room mate left, i switched my uni course etc.) so i'm really sorry my blog posts are all boring wish lists. i will better myself, promise! oh and i decided to also blog in german as it's the country i live in so enjoy ;)

so meine Lieben, habe mich entschlossen nun auch auf deutsch zu bloggen:
mein Kleiderschrank sehnt sich nach schwarzen Klamotten und ich denke, diese hübschen Sachen von Topshop wären einfach perfekt für den Herbst. tut mir Leid, dass meine Posts ziemlich solala sind aber ich hatte ziemlich viel um die Ohren da meine Mitbewohnerin wegzieht und ich meinen Studiengang gewechselt habe (mehr dazu demnächst). ich hoffe ihr bleibt mir dennoch treu und ich verspreche euch bald weitaus intressantere Dinge hier ;)


  1. Loving all of these I want the coat, I have seen a lot of other bloggers with it which makes me want it more :)

  2. Such a gorgeous wish list! I have the black pumps and they look so good as a bit of toughness paired with cute dresses! I love the Chanel makeup but being a poor struggling students means just drooling at them from afar :) xxx


  3. I love everything on your wish list!!! If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Let's create fashionable memories together!!! Thank you so much in advance! Have a beautiful day!!!