May 1, 2011

Sunday Wish List

Hello there! how have you lovelies all been? the weather here in Germany has been gorgeous lately and i feel very in the mood for pretty summer clothes. unfortunately this top and shorts (both Topshop) are sold out already. such a shame- but maybe they will come back in stock? 

this OPI Katy Perry nail polish really grew on me. at first i was not impressed with that colour but after seeing it in the shop i decided i need it in my life. it's so cute!

i'm looking for a cute straw bag for summer. this one is from ASOS but it's a little too pricey so i will keep my eyes open for an alternative.

totally love jelly shoes for summer and Topshop does them in a lot of colours. kyoot ;) 

if you ask me summer can come now! 


  1. the bag is beautiful! love when you do these little collages, makes me realise how much I need to go shopping!

  2. love the shorts - new look have an identical pair for only £19.99 :) x

  3. Awww your blog is so cute, love it! ;)

    I really wanted to get the Topshop shorts too but they were never in store (at least not in Singapore) and were only online for a day...

    The Cat Hag

  4. That Last Friday Night nail polish is the best - I got it for my birthday!