May 30, 2011

June Wish List

I can't believe it's almost June already! time is just flying by it seems! today was so incredibly hot (i think the hottest day in the year so far). also i can't believe everything i want is completely sold out everywhere *sigh* why am i always so unlucky?

1. River Island Kimono Jacket. (sold out in my size *cry*) i tried on a Kimono jacket at Zara the other day in a pale pink and my mom said that this kind of jacket looks really good on me so i really badly want one right now.

2. Topshop blue lace dress. ofc it is sold out as well. just like everything i want...

3. Topshop USA flag shorts (currently back in stock!)

4. ASOS shoes. (sold out in my size)

5. MAC surf baby colour blush (seems to be sold out everywhere!)

6. Barry M. nail polish in "Block Orange" - i've been looking for a nice orange nail polish everywhere and this one seems really cool.

7. Lee Stafford hair growth treatment (i read great reviews and really want to grow my hair back to it's long length)

8. MAC lipstick in "Ever Hip" as far as i know there will be a new collection with a re-release of thise beautiful shade in July! i can't wait

9. Eyelure intensive lashes- oh how i long for some good quality fake lashes!

i might go to cologne this Friday and check the MAC store for the blush and also ask for a "Make Over". i really need some new make up so this might be a good opportunity. 

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