Jan 15, 2011

How Was My Week 2

Hello there! i hope your week was all good as was mine. on Monday i wemt to Ikea with my mom where i saw like the cutest wardrobe ever but unfortunately i can't get it for my apartment since i  live in the attic and there a no straight walls. fml!
Tuesday i think i went to a mall in Oberhausen which was a big disappointment since they didn't have what i was looking for.
Wednesday i tidied my apartment a little and on Thursday i had to go back to uni. i had to get up at 5 am and it sucked so much. i was tired all day and fell asleep during my physiology lecture. even though i was really tired i decided to check the Zara shops in Düsseldorf (they have 3 there) and i bought oh so much! on Friday i had my anatomy lecture which was quite okay and again went to a Zara shop (this time in Essen) where i bought a sailor cardigan and a red Skirt. 
here is some of the things i bought at Zara:

have i ever mentioned how much i love the TRF range? anyway. what do you think of the things i got? and have you got anything in the AWESOME Zara sale too?


  1. I love all these outfits !! The things you got look amazing, and i love how you paired things together !!