Jan 26, 2011

And Also...

Shirt- Fearne Cotton, Skirt- Zara

In my last post i completely forgot to mention that i watched Black Swan last night. it is an amazing movie indeed and i'm sure Nathalie Portman will get an Oscar for it. however because of all the great reviews i expected a little more. but i still enjoyed it. 
the theatre was crowded. i think every single seat was taken and to be honest i much rather sit alone in the cinema. there was some weird guy who always sneezed, it was pretty annoying. but anyway. 
i still hate my cheap camera because it makes me look ugly (or perhaps i am that ugly in RL?!)...
tomorrow i have to get up at 5am for my lecture (boooh) but at least i have some "good" news- i have three right numbers on my lottery ticket  so i at least won my money back... also i found some battery chargers on eBay which end next week- i might bid on one if they stay cheap (cross fingers). so yeah sorry for the bad quality pictures again and the uncreative outfit. i promise once i can charge my SLR i will take some better ones.
now i'm off to bed so gooooood night 

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  1. This outfit is so pretty ! It has made me want to take out my ribbons again!